Austin, TX

A 1930s motor hotel in an eclectic district of South Austin was transformed from low-rent lodging to a hip, modern destination. Rooms in the existing three buildings were restructured, and a new 16-room building was added in the former parking lot to create a central courtyard. This communal outdoor space serves as an outdoor lobby, lounge and pool area. Architectural details, such as tile shed roofs, parabolic arches, arbors and porches, were repeated throughout the complex. Gardens of native Texas plants tie the buildings together.

2006 - Southern Living (Jul)
2003 - Hip Hotels
2001 - Texas Architect (Sep/Oct)
2001 - Interior Design (Jan)
2000 - Flaunt (May)
2002 - AIA San Antonio Design Award
2001 - Texas Society of Architects / AIA Design Award
Andrew Shapter