Eco-Conservation The Big Bend Fossil Dinosaur Trail - Big Bend of
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The Big Bend Fossil Dinosaur Trail - Big Bend

Big Bend National Park, TX

The Big Bend Fossil Discovery Trail is a sequence of interpretive pavilions nestled within the site near Tornillo Creek at Big Bend National Park. Each pavilion interprets one of four paleontological eras. Using a combination of fossil replicas, interpretive text, artwork, geologic diagrams and viewing scopes, visitors will develop an understanding of the correlation between the fossils from that era and the geologic formations visible from each pavilion. The complex story of Big Bend’s remarkable landscape can be brought to life through its fossil history and the artifacts found within the park. These characteristics create a unique opportunity for interpretation and education; the trail will describe the world-class diversity and length of Big Bend’s fossil history while directly referencing the breathtaking surrounding landscape.