Eco-Conservation Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion of
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Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion

Decatur, TX

The Betty & Clint Josey Pavilion is the first Living Building Challenge certified project in the State of Texas. The Living Building Challenge is a rigorous certification program that advocates for a fully restorative building. The 5,400 square foot pavilion is a meeting and education center that serves as a demonstration site for the Dixon Water Foundation, whose mission is to promote healthy watersheds through sustainable land management to ensure the preservation of our water resources. The beauty in the design for the Josey Pavilion lies in how the simple, low-lying forms speak to the surrounding native prairie land. This building has met the challenge of being a fully restorative Living Building—a mission that ties directly to the Dixon Foundation’s message of resource conservation and watershed protection. 
Photography: Casey Dunn & Dror Baldinger

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It is really hard meeting such a super, difficult challenge, such as the Living Building Challenge, and to do that with such a design that is so thoughtful and detailed, is just fantastic.
Joan M. Soranno, FAIA
Juror, AIA San Antonio Design Awards