Eco-Conservation Naples Botanical Garden Visitor Center of
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Naples Botanical Garden Visitor Center

Naples, FL

The Naples Botanical Garden Visitor Center sits delicately upon a world class 160-acre botanical garden. The vision for the gardens sought to preserve 160-acres of natural resources from conversion to urban development space. The visitor center continues a legacy of preservation by partnering with local ecosystem in an environmentally responsible way. Wooded pavilions crafted from local and durable sinker cypress entwine throughout lush gardens and plant collections to create an immersive and engaging experience for visitors and researchers as well as an enticing venue for events.
Photography: Lara Swimmer

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There was such a strong idea behind it and the execution of that idea was just incredibly, incredibly well done... this integration between indoor and outdoor, the landscape and the building – in a way we sort of considered this as a non-building, in that there was almost this discussion – or question really – about whether it was a landscape inserted into a building or whether the building was inserted into the landscape.
Roberto De Leon, AIA, LEED AP
Juror, AIA San Antonio Design Awards