Urban Design & Planning

Lake|Flato’s urban design, planning, and architecture work strives to create places with a purpose. By carefully studying environmental, cultural, and urban contexts, Lake|Flato creates walkable, human-scaled urban districts and neighborhoods that respond to its unique place. Our design evolves from an appreciation for the pragmatic solutions of vernacular architecture, the honesty of modernism, and the context of the rich and varied landscape. By exploring the intimate relationship between community, place, and building we create unique environments that possess a compelling authenticity and beauty. The protection of natural and historic resources forms the foundation of our approach to sustainable urban design and architecture by employing strategies in a wide variety of types and scales that conserve energy and natural resources while creating high performance buildings and healthy built environments.

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Congrats to the design and development team for looking comprehensively at this site and factoring in all the different needs and uses and connecting to all the surrounding districts and neighborhoods.
Urban Design Panel, AIA Panel
on Montgomery Park