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Waller Creek: A Competition Process

For over a year, LF worked on Austin’s urban-scale competition to Design Waller Creek, which finally came to a close last month. Our vision of Waller Creek (The Oasis) unfortunately didn’t win (see for a glimpse of our boards as well as the selected team and other finalists’ submissions); but by participating and making it to the final stage, we gained an amazing experience that taught us huge amounts about the dynamic culture of Austin and the potential roles of regenerative landscapes in future urban development. A little background: Waller Creek runs...
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Better Know an LF Project: Shangri-La

ANSWERS BY Joseph Benjamin Completion Date: 2007 The program was for a new visitor center that included administration offices, café, bookstore, exhibit space and a lecture multipurpose room. The program also included education spaces, a lab with exhibit pavilion, two remote outpost classrooms, a bird blind, a separate restroom building, a rain shelter and a pavilion called the cypress gate located in the restored botanical garden. The Crux of the Design: The project was focused on creating the most sustainable nature center possible in the Texas region; the challenge was building in a...
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Better Know an LF Project: Wyatt Retreat

ANSWERS BY Trey Rabke Completion Date: 2007 LF Scope: SD; CD; CA Program: two conditioned bedrooms / baths that book-end a screened 'dogtrot' kitchen second story screened sleeping loft new roof for existing porch and stone fireplace separate entry arbor made of oil field pipe small storage building that includes a bathroom and outdoor shower The Crux of the Design: The stone porch, fireplace, and footprint of the previous cabin are all relics, or memories, that we wanted to preserve - the large new roof acts as a shelter for those elements as well as it's inhabitants. The parti became a big...
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Lake|Flato's New 10kW PV Array

Lake|Flato recently acquired a 10kW PV array which was featured in CPS Energy's blog , as well as The Rivard Report . To learn more about our decision to implement this great technology, check out the video below!
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The Modern Family, Part I

Check out this short film by Dwell featuring the Yee Residence in Carmel, California. I hope that film exploring architecture continues to grow in popularity; it's a natural medium to understand and experience space, and this one is such an intimate portrait of how the owners live and adapt with the house.
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Digital Pin-up: Destination Bayfront

Schematic Design is nearly complete on a new 34-acre downtown waterfront redevelopment for the city of Corpus Christi. The city’s goal is to create a world-class urban park that will further ignite and enhance development in Corpus Christi’s downtown core. Hargreaves Associates is leading the site master planning and landscape design effort, while Lake Flato is designing a fleet of park buildings and shade structures to be deployed along the waterfront’s new boardwalk promenade. Buildings planned for the park will include a multilevel beach cafe, park arrival facilities, staff offices, a wine...
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On Site at the Hog Pen Creek Residence

Yesterday Ted, Brian and I were on site at the Hog Pen Creek Residence. We took a lunch break for some burgers on the breezy porch and to enjoy the view of Lake Austin. This scene reminds me a familiar photo... except our job site is clearly more dangerous :) Stay tuned for a 'Field Report' from this project soon...
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Better Know an LF Project: Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose A 1930s motor hotel in an eclectic district of South Austin was transformed from low-rent lodging to a hip, modern destination. Rooms in the existing three buildings were restructured, and a new 16-room building was added in the former parking lot to create a central courtyard. This communal outdoor space serves as an outdoor lobby, lounge and pool area. Architectural details, such as tile shed roofs, parabolic arches, arbors and porches, were repeated throughout the complex. Gardens of native Texas plants tie the buildings together. ANSWERS BY Bob Harris Job Origin: Liz...
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Lake|Flato Goes Solar

Big news -- A 10.2 kW photovoltaic array will be installed on the roof of our office within the next week! The PV panels will be installed in a 30' x 34' area on the garage roof, where the solar resource is greatest. The CPS Energy rebates and federal tax credit for the array made the payback really speedy. In addition to a great payback equation, the array will bolster our efforts to earn LEED EBOM certification for the office and will be a great opportunity for us to all learn more about how this technology works and performs.
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Froghill Residence Earns LEED Certification

Frog Hill, a 3,655 s.f. residence in Washington, Connecticut, has achieved certification under the LEED for Homes Program! This was accomplished through exemplary use of environmentally preferable building materials and pest control alternatives, and a design that is predicted to perform 35% better than code based on energy simulation and diagnostic pressure testing of the home after construction. Among the home's energy-conserving strategies is a warm radiant concrete floor that is also heated through the solar gain of the windows in winter, shown ABOVE Congratulations to the project team...