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Holdsworth Center

Austin, TX

Envisioned as a timeless destination that emphasizes a sense of community, the Holdsworth Center was designed as a retreat for public educators that promotes reflection, thought and dialogue. As a new resource for world class training and leadership development for Texas’ public educators, the campus was designed to thoughtfully connect users to the native landscape and neighboring Lake Austin.

Upon arrival, parking is sited towards the main entry to encourage visitors to walk through the campus’ various trails, which weave through the buildings and central commons. Building views are oriented towards the lake, and common outdoor spaces including courtyards, event lawns and an amphitheater encourage users to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscape. Deep overhangs and shaded porches throughout the campus are reminiscent of traditional Texas lake houses, and the use of natural materials such as wood and limestone were selected to achieve a timeless design that responds to the context of its place. Designed to encourage feelings of health and wellness, 84% of the site is dedicated to beneficial open spaces that doubly support water, wildlife, and ecological conservation.

The master plan and design of the 44-acre campus retreat includes flexible classrooms and event space, social hub, administrative facilities, recreation space, and hotel and casitas. The campus’ interiors frame countless views and connections to nature – setting the stage for immersive learning and community gathering across various spaces and scales.

A multidisciplinary team of administrators, educators, planners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, ecologists, and engineers collaborated to envision this sustainable campus designed to uplift the belief that “Education Holds Worth.”

The Holdsworth Center, Excellence in Education Leadership

Inside the New Luxury Campus for Texas Education Leaders

Holdsworth Campus a Gift to Education