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Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston

Houston, TX

The new $25 million Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH) is a new community arts complex that provides a centralized home base in Midtown for a broad spectrum of Houston’s leading and emerging arts and cultural organizations. The 59,000 square-foot facility consists of four dedicated theater spaces, two rehearsal spaces/classrooms, and several gallery spaces, along with back-of-house support and office space. A generous public breezeway acts as a lobby for these arts venues while serving as a gathering place. Currently open, the MATCH project has nearly completed all construction and is scheduled to be fully completed this fall.
Photography: Luis Ayala & Lara Swimmer

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"The building’s agile presence does not overtake its program. For this new Midtown theater and arts center, the soul of the building is internalized, and life illuminates from within the breezeway, theaters, rehearsal spaces, and control booths. The building remains in the background, allowing the exuberance of theater life and the visual arts to stand in the limelight."
Florence Tang, AAIA
The Architects Newspaper