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Hacienda Ja Ja

Alamo Heights, TX

This home appears to merge naturally with the live oaks that surround it. Clad in regional eastern red cedar wood, with expansive screened porches, the house is carefully sited to preserve and protect the surrounding trees, to promote cross-ventilation and to maximize natural daylighting. Its highly motivated owners wanted a compact house that maximized sustainable concepts. It is designed to avoid solar thermal gain during the summer and to capture passive solar heating during the winter. During most of the year, rainwater collected from the roofs and stored in a below-ground tank will supplant domestic water for all landscape irrigation needs. Certified LEED Platinum.
Photography: Frank Ooms

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The building made all the right moves. Testament that a very beautiful building can be a very sustainable building.
Thomas Hacker
Juror, AIA San Antonio Design Awards