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Cutting Horse Ranch

Cross Timbers, TX

This 175-acre ranch in the Cross Timbers region of Texas was created for the care, training and breeding of cutting horses. The master plan includes pastures, roads and trails, an arena, horse barns, cattle pens and service structures. The long forms of the barns and arena are placed along a tree-lined creek to block the north wind, while taking advantage of summer breezes from the south. The arena cuts into the sloping grade to reduce the visual impact of this tall structure. Repeating gable roofs continue from the arena to the training barn, and provide cover for a connecting ramp, horse walker and wood-clad ranch office. Rusted steel pipe and perforated corrugated metal create a serene and durable palette of materials. 
Photography: Frank Ooms

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The way the buildings relate to each other is beautiful and they're very, very richly conceived and detailed to an extraordinarily proficient degree.
James Russell, FAIA
Juror, Texas Society of Architects Design Awards