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Better Know an LFer: Rebecca Bruce

Rebecca is our ultra-charged, intern-managing, Revit-conventioneering, kitchen rule-enforcing, cyclist wo-man! Learn more about what keeps her going with our ten questions.   Hometown: Leawood, KANSAS! Years at LF: 5 years Achilles Heel: Lemonade! The best in town is at CIA Bakery. Happiest Place: In my Womb Chair with a cup of french press Memorable Book: Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri Prized Possession: Sorry non-cyclists, my Pinarello F3:13 Current Obsession: Last Accomplishment: Becoming a Certified Revit Architecture Professional, hehehe :) Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The revitalization along the River, both north and south of downtown Fate or Chance? Why try to figure it out, when you can just enjoy it?
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