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Digital Pin-up: Josey Pavilion

The Betty and Clint Josey Pavilion is a project located on the Leo Ranch outside Decatur, Texas with aspirations to be the first Living Building project in the State of Texas. The 5,400 square foot open air pavilion is a meeting and education center that serves as a demonstration site for the Dixon Water Foundation, whose mission is to promote healthy watersheds through sustainable land management ensuring the preservation of our water resources. The pavilion is comprised of two identical structures, one housing a large open gathering space for 150 occupants and the other housing a catering kitchen, storage area, public restrooms, and herbarium. The two buildings are pulled apart to allow for large open porches connecting to the landscape, as well as a protected courtyard anchored on a heritage oak tree. The building also features operable wood slats doors to allow for natural breezes to cool the building during the summer. The beauty in the design for the Josey Pavilion lies in how the simple, low lying forms speak to the surrounding native prairie land. This simple building is dedicated to the challenge of being a fully restorative Living Building – a mission that ties directly to the Dixon Foundation’s message. Lake Flato team of Bob Harris, Tenna Florian, Jacqueline Fisher, Heather Holdridge, Margaret Sledge, and Uma Patwardhan are working closely with The Beck Group through pre-construction, Biohabitats with their wastewater managment design expertise, as well as TLC engineers for mechanical engineering and Datum Engineers will serve as the structural engineer for the Betty and Clint Josey Pavilion. See images of the project below.
Overall Site Plan Above: Overall Site Plan

Floor Plan Above: Floor Plan

Approach Above: Approach to Entry

Entry Above: Entry Perspective

Interior Perspective Above: Interior of Pavilion

Pavilion Open Above: Interior of Pavilion. Slat Doors Open

Exterior Perspective Above: Northeast Perspective. The Back Porch

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