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Meet Ryn

Ryn is always glowing. It could be the darkest, rainiest day and she still has enough sunny demeanor and charm to get through it and brighten the rest of us around her. Though animated with a subtle quick wit that could make even the Grinch laugh in conversation, Ryn is sharply focused. She thoughtfully pieces together modules and connecting outdoor porches and corridors in LF's porch house studio as though they are patchwork squares in a carefully stitched together tapestry. You can tell from her demeanor that she's not afraid of a challenge — Ryn will artfully tackle anything you send her way, as long as you're ready for some philosophical conversation, friendly witty humor and good smiles along the way. Hometown:  Charlotte, North Carolina Alma Mater: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree from Baylor University, Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado Denver Favorite LF project: Porch House because it first introduced me to Lake|Flato, and Armstrong Oil & Gas because it was a constant companion while I studied at UCD two blocks over! Current project: Porch House Hobbies: I kick-box (For exercise! Not aggression!) and when I’m in the mountains, I’m skiing and hiking, and when I find myself with weeks off (summer vacation seems like a distant dream now) I’m mountaineering or sea kayaking. Interesting fact: I go through these weird phases where I want to take parkour classes or learn the fiddle or become a WWE Diva or I’ll buy twelve keys of the harmonica with all intention of success but those things never last longer than a couple of months. The hobbies that stuck around for years are the ones listed above. Also, my mother’s mother was the Chief of Koror, an island in Palau which is historically matriarchal, so I was born a princess… to an island in a rock island nation so small it’s sometimes not even represented on maps! There’s plenty of other interesting facts but I fear I’ve ventured from “interesting” to “weird” so I’ll leave that where it is.
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