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I’ve learned a lot from Rand the last 4 years here at Lake | Flato. At the surface, you’d think that he’s just really interested in architecture, but it’s more – he’s an adventurer and inspiration junkie, searching for truth. It’s hard to have a conversation with him and not get psyched about a new idea, concept, trip, etc… a beer after work with Rand was usually the opposite of unwinding – conversations often aimed towards gearing up – there’s good work to be done, to see, to learn from, and we have to be ready. This attitude dissipates pretty easily when in the daily grind. So with that – I’ve learned the importance from Rand about pushing to stay inspired, to stay fresh, to keep things new and exciting, all in order to have enough fuel to labor after good design, and a good life. It may sound lofty, but it’s actually really basic. It’s going to be hard not having him around – but I’m sure he’ll be able to spur many others on as he takes his next steps into the pacific northwest.  -- David Ericsson   It is with sad fanfare that we say goodbye to the multi-talented Mr. Rand Pinson, aka “Antwaan Randle El." Why the comparison to Antwaan Randle El?  For the non-sports folks out there, Antwaan was a hugely talented NFL wide receiver, who was a quarterback in college and also played baseball and basketball. Can Rand do these things? Not a chance. Can he juggle multiple roles on multiple projects, all while giving Bill and Ted a little shake and bake sometimes? Most definitely.  As an homage to Rand’s herculean efforts on Porch House (a four-year odyssey – pun intended) perhaps we could change the name to Rand House, or Porch Rand, or Pinson Porch. While Lake | Flato works on those logistics, we wish him nothing but the best as he makes the transition to his new home in Portland, Oregon.  We will miss you, your lists, and your affinity to all things Auburn, Mr. Pinson. War Eagle! -- Matt Wallace
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