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salk institute inspiration

This week Bob Harris and I traveled to San Diego for a Sustainability and Design Leaders Workshop; while there we had a chance to visit The Salk Institute for Biological Studies by Louis Kahn. It was my first time to the Salk and I was not disappointed by the buildings restraint and timelessness. Threshold is a reoccurring theme on the campus and it is an intriguing building to explore with a myriad of lookouts and perches. Threshold appears first as a void in the form of giant golden rectangle framing the Pacific Ocean like a stage set. Then through the exterior circulation of the individual concrete bays which create the open floorplan labs above. The timeless robust materials and the simple elegant detailing were inspiring. salk-threshold-01 salk-threshold-golden-rectangle salk-threshold-02 salk-threshold-03 salk-threshold-09 salk-threshold-04 salk-threshold-05 salk-threshold-06 salk-threshold-07 salk-threshold-08 salk-05 salk-07 salk-dtl-01 salk-dtl-02 salk-dtl-03 salk-01  
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