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Thermal Imaging at the Knox College Whitcomb Art Center

Congratulations to the Knox project team for delivering the first newly constructed campus facility since the early 70's and important part of the Knox College commitment to liberal arts education. "Our new building is a delight...designed for teaching multiple art disciplines, the abundance of light-filled open work areas, studio space, and a gallery-like two-story critique hall enhance student learning and imagination. It also directly impacts our effectiveness as teachers and promotes student’s ability to think of themselves as artists, not just students.” - Mark Holmes, Associate Professor and Chair of Art   The team visited Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois last winter and collected a few impressive thermal images of the recently completed Art Center. Thermal imaging allows us to see how heat is moving throw the envelope and mechanical systems and identify any problem areas or successful installations. AC ducts are visibly cooler than the rest of the interior.   High contrast between the sky on a cold day and a warm interior. Very cold or very hot days are the best time for thermal imaging.   Thermally broken windows on the right, and thermal bridging on the door on the left.   High contrast between the warm light fixtures and cold windows.   An impressively monochromatic image of the ceiling shows how well the insulation on the roof and envelope is performing.   Congrats to he Knox College team: Lewis McNeel, Dan Carter, Andrew Herdeg, Heather Holdridge, Seema Kairam, Casey Nelson. Thermal images by Lewis McNeel.  
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