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Panther Island

Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth has seen record growth in recent years, becoming the 13th largest and fastest growing large city in the U.S. The redevelopment of Panther Island in Fort Worth provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support enhanced quality of life and economic growth with a focus on inclusivity and resiliency. Ensuring continuous public access to the Trinity River is a key priority of Panther Island, with signature public spaces and pathways integrated along the canals and waterfront. One of the country’s largest developments lying within close proximity to a top U.S. city, Panther Island will offer access to high quality public spaces, waterfronts, mobility, and a mix of building uses and experiences to live, work, entertain, dine, and play.

A collaboration between HR&A Advisors and Lake|Flato, the strategic vision for Panther Island builds upon previous planning history to provide an updated framework and roadmap for implementation. It aims to seamlessly connect to surrounding neighborhoods and communities, incorporate cultural and historic icons, and foster a sense of community and diversity that will position Panther Island as a regional and national destination. With 75 percent of land on Panther Island owned by public entities, the project presents an exciting opportunity for the overall vision to be crafted by public stakeholders with select private development influence.

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When we talk about the future of development in Fort Worth, citywide and on Panther Island, it is vital to have stakeholder and community voices at the table guiding that direction. I appreciate the leadership from our partner agencies and the feedback from residents and business owners throughout this process to work collaboratively to build out plans that reflect the future of Fort Worth.
Mattie Parker
Fort Worth Mayor