The Lake|Flato Porch House was developed to simplify the overall building design process from early concept design through construction. The process begins with a conversation over the phone or in our office to discuss the site, your program, schedule and budget. A site analysis will drive the concept design phase. A letter of agreement is provided for developing a concept design. We will visit the site with you to study and discuss the site features and understand how you want to use the site. The concept design will include: site plan, floor plans, renderings, and supporting imagery.

We will determine the rooms, arrangements, and connections that are best for your project. Prefabrication and site-built methods will be considered in a recommendation for the most efficient and sustainable construction delivery method. Concept design for a typical Porch House is 2-3 months. The concept fee is $25,000 + expenses (this is included in the overall fee). Fabrication/Construction for a typical porch house will take 9-12 months. Construction costs range from $300 - $350/ sq. ft. Lake|Flato’s architecture fees are 14% of the cost of construction. We provide an estimate of cost and enter into an AIA Owner/Architect agreement before beginning the construction documents.