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Library Project in Daylighting Paces

We recently hosted a two day daylighting workshop with Shepley Bullfinch, the UW Integrated Design Lab, and, Clanton and Associates to tune, hone and test the large six level day-lit atrium space at the heart of the new Austin Central Library design. Our good friends at the Integrated Design Lab brought down cameras, light meters and lots of knowledge to help guide us in this process. For the workshop we constructed a large 1/4" scale working model of the atrium space as well as interchangeable architectural elements we wanted to test against one another. After settling on what we wanted to...
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Friends, Fairies and Frosting at Frog Hill

I could be wrong, but I think most architects dream about spending the night in a house that they have designed. You have basically lived in the house in your mind as it is being drawn, and mulled over every detail as it is being constructed, but you don't really know, after the keys are turned over, what it is like to live in it. So, this past weekend, I had the architectural pleasure of staying with clients in their house. I was super excited they invited me, and I am still reeling over my time with them - it was like a fairy tale with icing on top! So the trip starts off with me turning...
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Better Know an LF Project: Agudas Achim Synagogue

The Project: Agudas Achim Synagogue Location : Austin, Texas Project Team: David Lake , Kim Monroe , Matt Morris , Kenny Brown, Jay Pigford, Dale Riser, Clara Hightower, Paula Williams ANSWERS BY KIM MONROE (KM) AND MATT MORRIS (MM) Job Origin: (KM) RFP & Interview Completion Date: (KM) March, 2001 Program: (KM) Sanctuary that could ‘intimately’ accommodate 350 for regular weekly services yet could be expanded to seat 1000 for High Holy Days; Chapel; Social Hall (capable of being sub-divided into smaller spaces); Kosher Kitchen; Admin space with Gift Shop. LF Scope: (KM) Full Services -...
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Material Testing

About a year ago, Bob and I nailed two samples of Cambia wood siding to a south facing exterior wall of Jamey Garza's studio compound in Marfa. After a year in the desert sun, through the diurnal fluctuations of temperature, the sample looks almost the same as a year ago. Cambia is a thermally modified wood (domestic and FSC). This treatment improves the dimensional stability and decay resistance of the wood. We plan to use Cambia on the Kruger's deck and hope it performs the same way!
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Digital Pin-Up: Rocking X Ranch

Above: northeast-living Rocking X Ranch is private ranch house and family retreat that is an addition to an existing residence located in North Texas. Consisting of six independent structures nestled among a grove of oak trees, each structure serves a specific function. A central “living room” acts as the public pavilion of the compound while the two guest wings, two accessory buildings and motor court complete the courtyard. Breaking up the program in this way allows the compound to be used comfortably for both large groups or just a family. The structures, built of local indigenous...
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Buildings, Landscapes and Xylophones

In 2010 Lake | Flato completed work on the renovation of the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas. Since its opening the new facility has been getting a lot of use from its clever inhabitants who are continually exploring their building's capacity for exhibiting and generating art, both in ways it was designed for and also in ways that the design team never could have predicted. A recent use of the building's architecture for artistic purposes came when Travis Weller of Austin's New Music Co-op was commissioned to compose and perform a piece of experimental music using the Visual...
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Field Report: Kerr Lake House

This weekend retreat for a San Antonio family is located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. With 2850 sf conditioned and 1150 sf unconditioned porches/outdoor areas, the house maintains a low profile from the street while opening up to the vistas of Lake LBJ. A central entry hall and staircase bisect public zones from private and allow direct access down through the house to the lake. While the conditioned portions of the house are humbly grounded to the sloping terrain, porch elements are cantilevered for a lighter, floating treehouse effect. Primary components of construction include structural...
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Better Know an LF Project: Cross Timbers Ranch

The Project: Cross Timbers Ranch Location : Lipan, Texas Project Team: Bill Aylor , Ted Flato , Nate Campbell, Ryan Jones, Trey Rabke ANSWERS BY BILL AYLOR Job Origin: From reputation - books and magazines. Completion Date: 2007 Program: Retreat for both family and corporate gatherings for a great client. LF Scope: Full Services - Concept, Construction Documents and Construction Administration The Crux of the Design: Create a compound of structures that function well individually and as a whole. Favorite Detail: The shot put counterweights on the wine cellar door. Design Team Challenge: The...
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Digital Pin-Up: Urban Ecology Center at Hardberger

The Urban Ecology Center is a visitor center and event facility for Phil Hardberger Park in San Antonio. In collaboration with landscape architects Stephen Stimson & Associates and Rialto Studio, the buildings' architecture and its surrounding landscape perform in concert to teach strategies for sustainable water usage and collection as well as demonstrate alternatives to surface water drainage. This strategy includes collecting rain water from roof areas for plant irrigation, harvesting air conditioning condensate, and allowing surface water runoff to filter into the ground. The program...
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Field Report: River Bench Residence

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new Dogrun series, "Field Report". This series explores issues relating to construction progress and site visits. We hope it provides another insight into the process of what we do. Here's a fun snapshot of the River Bench Residence, currently under construction in South Dakota. These comparison images match a concept rendering to built reality. Shout out to our contractor The Construction Zone for their incredible work! (ABOVE) View from entry drive (renderings at the top compare spring and winter) View towards Entry Porch View at Entry Porch View towards...